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We bought the dogs new t-shirts for the start of the New Orleans Saints season….which starts this SUNDAY!  I got a new shirt too but I’m not sure I’m in love with it as much as I am in love with these guys shirts….

 09052009 101

09052009 102

I know what you are thinking…..”You dress up your dogs?”  Well let me just say these t-shirts are a lot better than the jersey’s they wore last year.  I’m going to blame Teddy….the dogs and I were just happy in our sunday comfy gear….he’s the one that is all about the dressing up for good luck. 

So there is that….Now you all know how crazy we are and you might never read this blog again.

Then there is this crazy stuff…..when Jesse and I got to my house on Friday night to have some fun on the deck I noticed a tree down on the sidewalk….so we walk over there and soon find out that someone HIT the tree with their car and it was in our lawn and the car cracked the sidewalk.  Come to find out after some of Jesse’s investigational ways it was a multi car pile up.  We actually met one of the wreckees outside my house when they came by to see the “scene of the crime”!   Needless to say it was a little nuts.  A little farther south and they would have hit our house and the bear dogs would have been going nuts!  They could have been hurt….that’s what you get for living on a busy street.  It’s a fun area but it does have it’s draw backs. 

09052009 124

Crazy, right?!?!?!

Hmmmm…some other things that I haven’t blogged about in the last week or more….

Last Wednesday, I hosted Girls Grill Night….a new thing we have been doing….I had a “Make Your Own Kabob” night.  It was a blast.  I set all the goodies out and then everyone just stuffed their kabob sticks full of deliciousness… was a really fun time getting to see and talk to all the girls!  I just love having girls nights.  Bear dogs and Teddy did make an appearance at the end of the night and that’s when Age had a little choir session with the bear dogs.  At one point no one could find the dogs or Age and they were all in the bathroom just singing away.  A trio of beautiful-ness, if you will.

This week I think I have decided where I’m going to register.  I have 7 months until the wedding so I think Teddy and I will take care of this pretty soon.  I get it that we have a lot of the stuff already because we both own our own houses and have lived on our own for a while….but you see we are both the youngest and everything we have is basically hand me downs.  I seriously have towels that I have had since high school.  That’s 10 years people.  I wonder what the “shelf life” of a towel is?  I bet Age or Em would know….they know stuff like this.

Teddy might be a little more excited about registering then I am but I don’t think he realizes what a big undertaking it is.  I’ve been reading about different things you don’t want to forget and stuff you don’t need…..I also got some great advice from Em about registering. 

If you are married what is something that you wish you would have registered for, you are so glad you did register for, or you so never needed and registered for.

If you aren’t married what is something you can’t wait to register for?


3 Replies to “In Recent News”

  1. So glad I registered for my Cuisinart mixer – because I would never buy something so expensive. A tip: when you register for your everyday dishes and even your china – make sure they’re not about to discontinue it. We got bitten in the ass with our everyday dishes. They are no more. So every time we break one, I die a little bit inside. Oh and – Calphalon can’t go in the diswaher, so think about if you really want to handwash pots and pans.

  2. hi hailey, who says you have to be married to be registered? i registered at williams sonoma for my 25th birthday. i agree- get the big mixer. i have used it about 4 times in 18 months- but it really completes the kitchen. my motto when registerings was- “would i really buy this with my own money?” thay way, you are not just going nuts and then end up with a lot of pointless things. love the bear dogs in their tees.

  3. Two items I did not register for but wish I did:
    A good Coffee Maker
    Nice Towels

    People will spend the money so dont skimp!!!!

    also, dont forget about registering for things that you can use while entertaining…ie: platters, ice bucket, serving pieces, etc.

    Cant wait to buy you something great!

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