I haven’t been sitting on my thumbs eating chocolate

I haven’t been practicing tight rope walking

I’ve been working out in the morning

I know I hate my life too.  I’m supposed to be feeling much better about all this and I do feel good that I’m actually exerting some energy but I’m just so tired at night I’m literally in bed by 9 or before.  No time to blog when you have a house to keep and a hungry man to feed!  So when I get home at night there is a lot of this….

Dogs 017

And staring at this…..

Dogs 026

If you are as shocked as I am that I’ve been working out let me just tell you what my Mom said when I told her I was running away from a storm and I hurt my foot.  “Oh Honey you were running….I’m so proud of you!”  Not how is the foot?  Not “Did the hail ping you on your head?”  But “I’m so proud you were running” like I’m incapable of doing so?!!?!?  Seriously!  I will say that I do think any adult running looks awkward and should just refrain doing it in daylight over the age of 16.  It’s dark where I workout….cause it’s outside and it’s at 5:30AM so I don’t have to worry about looking awkward because no one can see me! 

Am I sore?  HELL YES! 

Do I hate my life at 5:00 AM every morning?  HELL YES! 

Do I want to die every time she says one more minute?  HELL YES! 

But I do feel better about myself.  I am going to try and stay motivated as long as possible….I might just have a problem with motivation/will power/getting out of bed…..but it feels good for now! 

 So if you thought I was dead….I sort of am out at Lake Hefner working my butt off….literally!


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