Puppy Love (Connection) – #3


Dear Apple, I first thought of you for a match with Nelson but your Mom said you were already dating that one hottie that I sent a picture of a few weeks back.  Please don’t be mad at me.  Next time I’m around I’ll bring you a cupcake.  Love, Aunt Bop



Ladies and Gents….I have found my calling.  French Bulldog Love Connecting….how cute would Nelson be with Penny???!?!?!? 

This MIGHT just be the cutest picture of all time….he loves him some kisses!



They both have on their wedding attire….I mean heck they could get married in those nice fancy duds! 

These pretty pics are by Allyson Magda.  Check out Nelson’s parents full post HERE and have a great great Tuesday!

Please remember to support your local animal shelter!


2 Replies to “Puppy Love (Connection) – #3”

  1. deErz AnT bOP,

    No KNEed tu worrYz bOut mY LUv liFe. Iz gON aNd FaLLed iN LuvS wId dAt LoCaL DOg. U sTill bRingS dA cuPcakES to mE aNyWayZ.


    pS. pLeaz no telZ my mUm i uSe heR cUmpUDer.

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