This weekend…..

I’m not going to look at one wedding website.  Look at one wedding magazine.  Look at one weddinggown that isn’t mine.  Make one DIY project come to life.  I’m hanging out with these guys….



And of course the regular crew of besties! 

Oh shucks….after saying all that I just remembered we have our Pre-Cana class on Saturday.  It is marriage related but not wedding related….so I guess I’m okay with that.  I wonder if they would mind if two basset hounds joined us?  They love that we are making it official too…..that’s what they told me at least. 

One last thing before I go….if you know what is good for you and you think talking bassets giving people advice is a funny thing then you should for sure pick up this book…..



3 Replies to “This weekend…..”

    1. em! i know i’ve lost my mind! i did really well this weekend. i didn’t do anything wedding related….until yesterday i did a few things but not that many. don’t you worry either….i’ll post about those tonight….so you can see just how wedding crazed i’ve really gone. who knew i would be like this? not me. i didn’t even want to get married for goodness sake! teddy brought out the romantic in me!

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