Puppy Love – numéro deux


-The name Basset is derived from the French word bas, meaning “low”, with the attenuating suffix -et, together meaning “rather low”.-

So without further ado…..I bring you my new favorite thing “puppy love” and this one has a special place in my heart…..for obvious reasons.

They smell like Fritos, they have the softest most velvety ears and big giant fat rolls on their feet, but most of all they have the sweetest most lovely disposition of any other thing in this world.

je t’aime chien de basset


2 Replies to “Puppy Love – numéro deux”

  1. You have to incorporate your bassets in some of your wedding pictures Hale! Speaking of Low- did you know that Ella’s middle name is Lowise????

    1. No I didn’t know that….but I love love love it! That picture you sent me today of her just melted my heart! I feel so bad for the people in the world that don’t have a basset hound to love on! I mean like Jesse would never get one but she loves to love on mine….so she gets her fix…but for those who have no fat feet to kiss….it’s a disgrace!

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