Ginger Kid


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“Of all the women who color their hair, 30 percent choose to become redheads—more than the 27 percent who go brunette and the 26 percent who go blonde. Some scientists theorize that these women are capitalizing on the perception of the “fiery redhead” to signal to men that they are looking for partners.”

Can you believe that?  More women want to be redhead then they do blonde?  I never knew or thought that would be the case!  I mean I always thought there were so many fake blondes but maybe just maybe fake red heads are harder to spot.  Well whatever the reason that shocked me. 

Here are some other facts from this ARTICLE that I read:

– Back in the day redheads were burned at the stake because people literally thought they were evil.  Don’t get any ideas Daria.

– Redheads get stung by bees more.

– Redheads need 20 to 30 % more anesthetic than other women to achieve the same level of sedation.  Don’t worry I told Teddy in case of an emergency.

– Although there are some rumors of redheads going extinct they are becoming farther and fewer between but will never go fully extinct.  Or that’s what this article says but I’ve been reading conflicting things. 

I would love to have a redhead baby….I was more of a blondish red until about 6th grade….even some darker browns in there but mainly because my Mom cut my hair so short to achieve the mullet look we all know and love. 

Here I am with my strawberry blonde hair…..I wrote on my hand that I’m covering and got in so much trouble….I only look sweet people….I’m still a redhead after all! 

Old 158

I wouldn’t say it was hard being a redhead growing up….I mean my giant glasses and acne were much more “out there” for bullies to make fun of.  I was of course called names for my hair but never anything that really stuck.

In fact now that I’m getting married to my soul mate I can say this…..he calls me Ginger Kid and a soulless redhead more than any bully did in school.  It’s his joke to me.  I always scare him and tell him I’m going to have all ginger kids and they are going to run around with curly red hair and totally freak him out.

I must say before I go that yes I have tried my fair share of hair color….in fact I even bought and used a faulty color kit that dyed my hair red BLACK….Jesse will never let me live that one down.  I haven’t used color in a long time and my hair doesn’t hold hair color very long anyway… my point?  I’m a natural.  All natural, all crazy, all fiery, all mischievous, all temperamental…..all “those things people say about redheads.”

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