To Laney and Eddie

One of my besties Laney is getting married this weekend in Beaver Creek, Colorado!  Teddy and I are making our way to CO this weekend and we both couldn’t be more excited to have a mini vacation and to be a part of the spectacular event!  It’s going to be amazing! 
The weather is supposed to be awesome….highs in the 60’s lows in the 40’s!  YES please…anything other than hot would be fantastic…although here in OKC we are getting a ton of rain so it has cooled things off but it’s so sticky!!  Beggars can’t be choosers! 

Here are a few pics of Laney and I over the years…..she is one of my oldest friends and if I sat around and told stories about us I would probably pee myself. 

Kamono Night!
Kimono Night!
Live from Las Vegas!  (i’m holding a fake mic if you are wondering)(and if you are also wondering what I’m wearing….ask Laney she dressed me)
Laney is seriously someone I could tell a story about each of these pictures and laugh!  Every time we do anything we have fun! 
I would show you some pictures from the bach party but none of them made the “appropriate for the internet” cut. 
Cheers to the happy couple!  They are in Beaver Creek in this picture….I can’t wait to get there! 
I sure am cheersing a lot (Age would agree with my excessive “cheersing”….I know it)!  
I’ll post from the trip and hopefully there will be some of Teddy and I with amazing scenery like this….maybe even a white water rafting photo or two!  God help us!

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