An Ode to Teddy


For all my life I’ve watched and admired the blissfullness that is “TRUE LOVE”.  Sure I’ve loved but until Teddy I would always believe in something better. 

I have been going through some weird and hard days lately and the only thing I know for sure some days  is that I have the very best partner to cheer me up or walk next to me in what might not be the most fun day.  I can’t imagine my life without such a wonderful person and to know he’s mine forever is to know that believing in something better is something of the past….I have the very best.

So to you Teddy……To our life…..To what is going to be the very best time of our lives…..

To Teddy!  I love you and from the bottom of my heart….thank you.

(I wish I had some real champers to drink…..oh well green tea will have to work)

Speaking of loooooveee….I’m so into looking for a first dance song….I love it…..

What did you and your spouse dance to for your first dance?  Or if you aren’t married what did your parents or sister dance to?  What about just your favorite song that someone danced to?  Or what do you think Teddy and I should dance to….and Lawd we aren’t dancing to anything Rhianna.


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