There are so many things to choose from when deciding what all to do for the memories section of a wedding.  Photos, videos, cameras on the table, etc. etc.

Today I came across this video on Style Me Pretty by Elysium Productions and can’t get over how much I love it!   

WOW!  So great, right?

Teddy and I met with our photographer Josh McCullock at his amazing studio and we are so excited about what is to come!  We are having engagement photos done in the Fall (I heart fall).  He is my old next door neighbor so I think he’s excited also!  We also talked to him about the photo booth idea and he is SO on board!  It’s going to be fantastic!  We will have a booth that people will jump in and have a remote hooked up to a camera and then boom…..picture taken and it shows up on a screen for you to view!  You can’t erase it or take the picture with you right then but we are going to put the pictures online and then mail our favorites to people!  I first got the idea of doing it this way from a really neat blog Our Labor Of Love and their Smilebooth!  Here are a couple of my favorites:



I mean “Bear Jar….it’s what you put a bear in”….that made me laugh like a monkey for at least 20 minutes!  After some wine or beer hopefully people will just run in and take it away!  It’s going to be great and I’ve heard from a lot of brides and grooms online that it’s some of their favorite photos…..So I’m very excited about this! 

What do you think!??!?!  Do you love it and want to jump in right now and take a picutre with a bear jar?  I do!


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