red wine…oh the things it can do!

trat 049

Tonight my bestie and bestmaid Age and I went to Trattoria for a wine tasting and dinner.  It happens every 3rd Monday of each month.  We didn’t know what to expect but it was a blast.  You sit at long tables and chat with people who don’t know you from sam, taste great wine, and eat!  I’m pretty sure the people sitting across from Age and I thought we were a couple for a while but we sat them straight after we started chatting…..not that I wouldn’t totally marry Age but you know Teddy might be a little shocked. 

Overall it was so fun…..we are FOR SURE going to do it next month and I want you to do it also…..what Age and I noticed was there were a lot of older people but not very many youngens!  It’s only $25.00 for a three course meal and a wine pairing with each course.  So worth the cash!  So August 17th….we’ll see you there, right?  Make your resi’s early….it gets booked fast! 

Another thing I would like to note tonight is the show that I watched when I got home….DATING IN THE DARK….on ABC.  I really liked it and was really in love with the idea.  I mean being in the position I am at work it would be interesting to do interviews in the dark and just see what I came up with….weird, yes….but a fun experiment, FOR SURE! 

Anyway, I’m not sure if any of you all were as lame as me and watched it but I am really disappointed in that girl that didn’t want to meet Seth.  He was really sweet and SO cute.  I mean she didn’t have a problem making out with him like a real hussy when the lights were off but when she got to see him and then decide if she wanted to meet with him she said no….I mean really you jerk face….one date isn’t going to kill you!  I don’t even remember her name I was so pissed and hated her so much!  Looks are something….I get that….but they aren’t everything and Seth, poor guy, just stood there waiting on “not so hot” girl who was too full of herself to really make a real decision anyway.  I hope he becomes a celeb now and gets to make out with his dream girl really soon! 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….(big sigh)…..I feel so much better!  Sorry about that…

One thing they had them do was tell an artist what they thought the person looked like and that was really interesting…..I made Teddy kiss my lips to tell me how he would describe them to an artist….he said “Ummm…like pretty cool, hot, and sexy.”  Real descriptive Teddy…..So sweet!

See you on August 17th! 

Cheerio, Lads!


3 Replies to “red wine…oh the things it can do!”

      1. Well….duh. I am gonna see if Tricia wants to go too! Do we just show up? I guess I shall do some investigative research…

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