bestmaids. ever.

First I would like to say I’m back at work today….seriously!  I made it!  I feel pretty good….still coughing like the dickens but I’ll make it! 

I’m just so glad to have a purpose other than laying like a steamed veggie….not just any veggie but a steamed one since I was running a fever….oh my cleverness kills me sometimes! 

Saturday during the day was the first time I was out of the house since Tuesday.  It was awfully weird.  I actually got ready with makeup and dry hair and the whole deal.  But it was for a very special occasion… bestmaids and I were off to find the perfect dress for them to wear in the wedding!  It was fun and successful. 


Ta Da!  This is it!  It’s a Vera Wang dress and the color is amethyst and it’s very flattering and beautiful on all the girls!  I am so glad they are all happy with it….even Daria said she liked it….if you can believe that!  Just kidding D…I know you are sweet! 

One of the things I want to do for sure at our reception is a photo booth….I’ve been doing some research on these things and they are pricey!  So I did some research on doing DIY photo booths…..have you all ever been to a wedding with a DIY photo booth?   I’m going to post about my ideas for this project next but would love to hear if you all have any feedback from experience?   

Oh and I don’t know how Mom’s do it when they go back to work….I miss these guys so much….Look at those faces and those velvety ears…..oh how I love thee beardogs! 



3 Replies to “bestmaids. ever.”

  1. i love love love love love the dress. it’s simple, elegant, and…..wearable! SOMEONE will wear it again, and that’s saying a lot. brides always say that, but i’m here to tell you right now that the only thing that ever happens to my bridesmaid dresses is after party dress up. i have more pics of me and tricia wearing my old bridesmaid dresses than anything else! hahahahaha. so…kudos to you. also, can’t wait for the photo booth!

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