and the word for the year is….nostalgic.


Tonight, because it’s Saturday and I like to get really crazy on Saturday nights, I ordered a new pair of earrings on an Etsy sight.  My Etsy virginity is now long gone….tonight I made it official.

I’ve been looking at these for a while and love their vintage look….I just couldn’t resist…..we’ll see what I feel like when they arrive! 

Arrggghhh….see the negativity is already seeping through….with all my love for the Internet I always find it so nerve racking to order something to wear online.  Even earrings I guess.

You should check out the rest of the jewelry on the site.  It’s all beautiful and really nostalgic….and we all know my feeling about nostalgia lately…..the mason jars, the soda shop, the straws, the skipping….it’s all just so well…..I won’t say it anymore.

Have a wonderful Sunday….I’m having brunch with my besties tomorrow… do something fun too!



  1. B
    You can borrow them anytime…of course!
    I love your P.S. and then your P.S.S.
    Only you B!

    I can’t believe you are leaving for so long and without my permission really….we didn’t disuss the lenght of all of this before you committed! Shame on you….

    I know it’s only two weeks but maybe we could become pen pals.

  2. I swear I wasn’t looking at B with disdain or in a rude fashion. She is just honestly the funniest person I have ever encountered. I couldn’t fathom how all this funny stuff just flows from her mouth effortlessly. It’s a gift.

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