(Disclaimer:  All said with a very very scruffy voice, bad un-washed hair, and two day old pj’s.)  

BRONCFLUITIS:  So I made that name up…..but that is sort of what the doctor said I had…..he said “Haley you have bronchitis and a flu type infection.”  Really?  What kind of answer is that….you big dill hole!  A flu like infection….well great! 

The night before I went to the doctor Teddy had the car packed and ready to take me to the ER.  I had a 102.7 degree temp and was in so much achy pain I couldn’t hardly stand it.  Not to mention it felt like I had a collapsed lung.

Now I know what you are thinking….”Haley, you are so dramatic!”  Cause I am, right?  Well this is for real….this was the sickest I have ever been in my life….or at least that I can remember. 

Here is what I’ve been staring at for the last 3 days….

sick day 005

 sick day 011

I’ve never seen my dogs so happy to have me home to lay in bed with them for three days…..I was never so happy to have such good company when I felt so badly. 

Then there was this I looked at all day and night too.

 sick day 001

I really don’t wish this upon anyone to be honest! 

I did wonder this though:

What if talk shows only invited men one day and they got just as excited as women do and screamed their heads off…..what the hell would that sound like?

Back to me being sick…..Teddy was great!  When he went and picked up all of my prescriptions (see above) he bought me the cutest card with puppies on it that said something like I hope you will feel like coming out to play soon!  How sweet is that!?!  He really was the best nurse….well he runs a close second to Jesse….there is no better nurse than her but we’ll keep that between me, Jesse, and the entire Internet.  Don’t tell Teddy! 

So now it’s Friday I’m feeling a lot better but I’m not out of the woods….I tried to do some chores and felt like I ran a mile on the treadmill!  It’s just crazy how it really knocks the wind out of you when you are sick!

Jesse has also jumped on board letting me know about any daytime drama that happens when I go back to work Monday.   Thanks for all your checking in on me you did Jess and Age… guys are the best!   

Cheerio, Lads!


One Reply to “broncfluitis”

  1. Hail so glad you are better! I would do anything to have my basset hounds with me 3 days in a row! Great pics!

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