The only thing I have had enough energy to do was to make some homemade biscuits last night for breakfast dinner….and those I thought were going to be a doughsaster…but tasted delicious afterall. 


I did manage to come up with that hilariousness (doughsaster) during all this sick and tired of being sick and tiredness! 

I don’t know what is wrong with me but not to worry I’m off to the doctor in the morning and we’ll see.  He normally just wants to pop my neck and send me on my way….but this time I’m demanding an answer!   If it’s the swine flu, mono, or pneumonia….I’ll make sure to let you all know. 

What’s your favorite method of sleeping when you can’t stop the coughing?  NyQuil?  Bourbon?  I think I might be in halfway normal shape if I could actually get some sleep and not cough my head off!  GARRRR! 

I have some new wedding developments I’ll be posting about later if I make it to tomorrow.

P.S. Something Teddy isn’t good at….being sympathetic to his wonderful fiance who is really really sick.  Or maybe it’s just that I’m keeping him up and now he wants me to move out.  Uh-Oh!


2 Replies to “Doughsaster”

  1. What???? Homemade biscuits…..YUM!! I love biscuits although, I usually have to have gravy with mine. Healthy, right:) So, tell me how do you make homemade biscuits? Does it take a long time? Maybe you can give me lesson. Danny would be so impressed with us. WOW, now I am craving biscuits.

    I am dying to know the new wedding developments…..when will I find out? Saturday or before then??? You can’t leave us hanging like that.

    I am so sorry you are so sick. NyQuil all the way!!! It always knocks me right out and takes care of the cough. That is what got me though the unheard of summer cold I had a few weeks ago. And an extra tip….Walgreens no longer sells mentholatum unless you special order it. You have to buy Vicks!!! Don’t worry the pharmacist assured me they are pretty much the exact same.

  2. Poor Bop! I had a sinus infection last week adn felt bad too! It really stinks to be sick when it’s so HOT.

    I want to know the wedding developments too! Feel better. Doughsaster…i love it.

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