Funny thing is-I only drink water.

When my Nanny was alive I would have a nice cold Diet Dr. Pepper….but that’s it really.  Okay Okay fine when Jesse gets her daily Pepsi from the Shell down the road (only so she can chat with her best friend the cashier) I will have a few sips of that….but I really only drink water and tea most of the time. 

When Teddy and I first met we discovered our love for Orange Soda….Fanta, Crush, cream soda, you name it if it’s orange we are all over it!  The effects of caffeine on Teddy are pretty serious (as in he turns from a mute to a raging chatter box that is more like a Teddy Ruxpin on acid then the nice sweet stuffed bear you and I are used to…please reference “Exhibit A” below) so he can only have one but either way we love it. 


The point of all of this nonsense chatter is this:  I just love the idea of giving away old bottles of Orange Crush as our favor.  Teddy would like to hook a tag to it that says something like “Love to Crush!” or “We crushed now we love”…I mean you have got to hear some of these things he’s come up with….Teddy is one of a kind…I just love him!  I would prefer….”Thanks for being a part of our special day!”….but we’ll just have to wait and see what compromise we can come to.  

I mean you have to love the nostalgic feeling of a glass soda bottle with a straw….sipping away and skipping down the street!!!!  Right? 

Image From Project Wedding

Now excuse me while I go find a straw to put in my water so I can at least stay in my moment.

Cheerio, Lads.


5 Replies to “Funny thing is-I only drink water.”

  1. Teddy’s tad sayings are SO much better. If you are going to give out orange crush you have to use that somehow in the tagline. You just bo, Bop! Love the idea! SO cute. Could get a little pricey, but maybe if you buy enough you could get them wholesale.

  2. Last night I saw you drinking something that was neither water, tea or orange soda. Maybe that is only when you go to Baker Street though:)

  3. Not only are you going to grab a straw to put in your water but also a little umbrella……….so weird!!!!!!!

    Yes for all of you out there….when I was on the phone with Haley today she was drinking her water with an umbrella in it.
    I LOVE YOU BOP! You crack me up.

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