Top of the morning to you…..

Really it’s afternoon but who doesn’t love that saying?  If you don’t well then don’t ruin my fun!

It’s been a while since my last post and well to be honest I have no excuse except for the fact I’ve been sleeping so much I don’t know what to do with myself….I’m like a baby….I wake up to relieve myself (sorry TMI) and eat….then it’s back to bed.  My long weekend was long indeed. 

So one of the things I did in between feedings and nap time was think about having to sign a new last name….would it be okay if I just went by Haley G. or Mrs. G?  Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of my new last name and I love the way it sounds but my lord writing the thing is like an act of congress….I’ve never even practiced cursive G’s until about 48 hours ago……I think it needs to at least be considered. 

I think we could pull off Mr. and Mrs. G…..don’t you?


Moving Forward…..

Do you know anything about centerpieces? 

For my wedding reception I am going to try and keep it pretty minimal with the flowers since those are the expensive thing and do more candles.  I would like to keep the whole feel of my wedding pretty vintage-y but not farm like.  We are having the reception at the Farmers Market but I don’t want it to feel farmy….like yee haw….nothing against that yee haw feeling but Teddy isn’t much of a cowboy if you know what I’m saying.

I think there is a difference between vintage and farm but they can run close by one another at a venue like the Farmers Market….so I have to be very very careful.  I really like the idea of Mason Jars….I think they are vintage enough without screaming I’m a farm boy and lets go do the do-si-do….here are some options I like…..




I really like the look and it’s cheap and simple. 

Let’s remember people I’m doing this via Spooniest Decor, Inc.  (which would be me).

So tell me what you think….don’t worry if you hate it and want me to work the streets….I’ll never know….it doesn’t show me who votes and you don’t have to sign in… just speak your mind via my poll. 

Cheerio, Lads!


3 Replies to “Top of the morning to you…..”

  1. I like the idea of the mason jars…..especially the picture with the candles in the mason jars. Super cute idea! I think it would be “farm fresh” if you were to use red and white for your colors but your not so you are fine.

    And the flowers look darling in the mason jars!!!!

  2. You secret blogger you! I love the mason jars with the candles. I had tons of candles at our wedding and reception and it lent such a romantic feeling to the whole night.

  3. I really really really like thinking of calling you Mrs. G. Especially b/c when I’m drinking I can’t say it anyways and I always just say Gra-million. Hehe.

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