a decade of pretty.

I’ve been telling Teddy and Jesse…and probably other people that for my next party I want to do a 1920’s theme.  Well in all my internet searching for wedding ideas I’ve come across a 1920 themed wedding!  How fun is that!  Just look at these amazing pictures @ ONCEWED !

It’s so charming and ROMANTIC! 

Oncewed is an amazing website that has a ton of inspiration and a ton of fun DIY projects!  I love it so much that I wish they would post things every 30 minutes instead of once a day.

In other news Deuce has learned to wink and make me laugh!

 Trip to Ark 026

I mean look at those velvety ears and tell me that you aren’t in love!


One comment

  1. I love that 1920’s themed wedding. It’s so charming! Do you think you can make yoru guest theme dress at your wedding? That would be RIGHT up your alley;) Brooke especially would love wearing “vintage”.

    My friend, Megan, from SF had a roaring 20’s party when she turned 30. It was a “say goodbye to your 20’s party”. it was so much fun. Maybe you should keep that party idea tucked away until your 30th?!?!

    You look at style me pretty as well, don’t you? I know i told age about it and she used it and i think she told you about it as well. It’s so great. I love that website!

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