click & point

So I started a website for Teddy and I.

It’s a wedding website and it has been a blast putting it all together….although it didn’t take very long.

I don’t have pictures of the groomsmen yet and haven’t asked the people in our house party yet so that’s not up but you should go check it out.

The website is:

I also did our save the dates last night….I’m going to get those up for you to see tomorrow.

I know you all think I’m absolutely nuts because I have 10 months but you can never be too ahead of schedule….right? RIGHT!

I still have a thousand ideas running through my head and need some real help so I’ve called on the girls and they will be coming over Sunday for champers and wedding chat.  Teddy should find something to do….


I love orange and salmon pink together….but I also love white and green….so see people it’s all just up in the air!  I promise to let you know when I have a cohesive thought!


2 Replies to “click & point”

  1. White and green = McGuinness. I think you should go with those. Daria and Jesse would agree. About to look at your wedding website. I love your blog esp. when my boss isn’t at work…WHOOP. I will be in OKC this weekend so let me know if you and the girls mentioned above are up to anything Fri. or Sat. night.

  2. Love the website!!! You are on the ball. I think you have probably been thinking about your wedding for awhile now because i can assure you i had no idea about any of this stuff a couple of weeks after i got engaged. All i had done is stare at my new pretty ring. I used, “eat, drink and be married” as my sort of wedding slogan as well. I love it and it was so fitting.

    I, of course, lean towards white and green becuase those were the colors i used in my wedding. I just think they are really clean, fresh and modern. There is something about too much “color” that makes weddings seems kind of high school prom-ish to me. Of course, if you do decide to make your wedding teal, peach and lavender i will tell you it’s beautiful:)

    So exciting bop!

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