aimlessly me……

This weekend Teddy and I are making our way to his parents to celebrate the good news with them and to of course relax in the woods and enjoy the natural beauty this earth has to offer.  We’ll be doing a whole lot of nothing! 

Which will be nice seeing as how this week my life has been full of trying to narrow down a date, place, and venue for our wedding….WHICH I DID!  I know it seems fast but you would be shocked at how many places are already booked for Summer of 2010!

Our Date: 05/01/2010

On the way there I plan to work on the guest list in the car….it’s the only time I can make Teddy stop watching tv or watering the lawn to tell me who all he wants to invite.  His Mom will be able to help me with this process also which will be nice. 

I have also been blasting through the Internet looking at all sorts of ideas.  I have found so many that I love!  People are so creative and I keep just thinking to myself….I could have thought of that…or why didn’t I think of that! 

I mean are all these really creative people friends and why wasn’t I invited….oh maybe because I can’t seem to have a cohesive thought to save my life….It’s like I’m just wandering around aimlessly in the streets of weddingtown….with all these merchants and vendors and people making me love their ideas but not knowing which one is really for me or budget friendly or my style!  It’s crazy!  I mean don’t get me wrong I’m loving it!   

I just really need to think about what I want and narrow down my design ideas because right now I want one of everything I like or more than one reception. 

I love this look.  The elegance of the white and the flower arrangement by the place cards….and I love the tall candles on the ground and on the table! 


But then show me some color and I’m all about it!  Like this fun orange table cloth and the fun guest book where people sign a little note card with their name and a thought about the couple and stick it in the mini envelope…that way you just don’t have each guests signature…you have a little memory too.


Also…something about mini things I just love!  My bestie Daria also love mini versions of stuff!

guest book

So these are just 3 of the many ideas that I need to condense to make one cohesive look!  

I was thinking about this weekend taking some of my own pictures of stuff and colors of things I like so that I can make my own inspiration board….I will let you know how it goes!

Have a great weekend!


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