Best Birthday Ever: Part II

So this weekend was great!!  We had the best time on Friday at Juniors!  My parents, sister, and brother in law ended up going with us so they could celebrate the big news with us!  Then two of my besties met us there after my parents left and we had some champers to celebrate all the fun! 

Then Saturday it was TOURNEY time!  Lots of things to do before people started arriving so Teddy and I hit the ground running….I think the dogs were in shock mode Teddy was moving so fast….we aren’t used to that fastness from him around here!  So cute! 

When my besties started arriving I couldn’t believe the amazingness that they brought with them…..

a 005

They brought cookies, cupcakes, lemon squares, fresh homemade salsa, steak fries, fruit, guacamole, and I could keep going but I’m sure I made you hungry enough!  Let me also say it was all HOMEMADE…..

Age made a funny comment that we could make some wedding money and have a bake sale out on Western!  They would have sold like hot cakes….she is a master at her baking! 

It was so sweet and thoughtful of all of them to do this and it went over very well when we started eating!

a 013

So it was really hard to top the diamond ring I got as my first gift for my birthday but I got some really fun stuff… are a couple.


flowers 002

After we stuffed our faces….it was TOURNEY TIME!  We played some serious cornhole…I was out in the first round but Teddy was in the finals and then was beat.  It was a lot of fun and I just can’t say how thankful I am for all the wonderful friends I have… was the perfect birthday/engagement weekend! 

I’ve already done some wedding stuff and it’s fun for sure.   My Mom and Sister Kelly were really sweet and bought me a wedding organizer and it’s pretty neat….it really gives you good tips and tells you what questions you need to ask vendors and other people you will be dealing with….it also has a section to fill out at first for design and the kind of wedding you dream of…..helping you narrow down your style.  I was reading the questions to Teddy and he was telling me his answers and it was like taking a quiz in Cosmo….he was so over it….but very funny about it too!    I am so excited to be doing this….it’s such a fun time and I can’t believe it’s here!


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