the best birthday. ever.


Flowers 005

I got these from my Dad on Thursday at work

Aren’t they gorgeous?

My Birthday Engagement Time 006

Breakfast in bed from Teddy.

Don’t those pancakes just melt your heart?

I phone 003

An IPhone from myself.

I’ve got a lot of learning to do.

My Birthday Engagement Time 017


This from Teddy right after he served me breakfast in bed!  We are ENGAGED! 

Isn’t it the best thing in the world!  I am so happy and have been smiles ALL DAY! 

Off to dinner at Junior’s tonight and then my party tomorrow!  This is the best weekend ever!



  1. I love love love love your ring! It looks a LOT like Carissa’s….in fact…it may be the same. Which just means that Teddy and Grant have fantastic taste. I can’t WAIT to see you both and hug your faces!

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