of actually doing anything productive this weekend….I did a lot of having fun

and this. 


If you are curious what this is….well then join the club…I am too!  I’m pretty sure it’s dancing but I suppose I could have had to pee rather bad! 

My point is this:  I didn’t paint the table, I didn’t clean the house, I didn’t work out.

I had fun, more fun, and celebrated a birthday with a best friend. 

There is always the week days for all the grown up stuff, right?


4 Replies to “Instead….”

  1. im fully obsessed with your blog and you. i have read the entire thing while i should be working today… oops. and not to mention, i think me and your bassett babies share a birthday, january 27th!

    keep updating- this is great! you have inspired me to try to write what i am thankful for at least once a week, and to find me a benjamin!

    house and dog… i have always wanted those.

    you are the FUNNIEST person i know!

  2. Ande
    You are so sweet! It’s a nice outlet and fun as well! I can’t wait to tell the dogs about sharing their bday!
    I need to get back on the being graceful….instead of just talking about bagels and dogs.
    Keep in touch and I hope I see you soon!

  3. It was taken at my sister Kelly’s bach party….but don’t you worry I did do some dancing this last weekend as well! It’s a sight to see!

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