paws…..big fat ones


Aren’t those paws adorable…it’s almost as big as his head….freakazoid!! 

I’m sure you all get so sick of seeing pictures of my beardogs….but they just happen to be the sweetest & cutest things in the world! 

This weekend I’m doing a ton and one of those things is painting an outdoor table I have …..I’m going to post before and after pics of the creative project!  I got the idea from the show “Color Splash”with David Bromstad on HGTV!  I love it!  What would a backyard be without a little color! 

Another thing I’m doing is celebrating the big 3-0 for one of my friends on Saturday!  I won’t say who because I’m not sure if she is lying about her age from now on or not so I’ll keep it a secret until I know for sure!  HARDY HAR HAR HAR! 

Have a great Friday and before pics of the table to come tomorrow or maybe tonight!  YIP SKIP!


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