bagel night

Bagels 036

Tonight Teddy and I took a recipe we found online and made it our own.  We made our very own bagels!   This is so random, right???!?!?!?

We made them from scratch so the process was sort of a long one but it was so much fun doing this together.  We had 8 total and when they were done rising and boiling (who knew you boiled bagels) we picked out toppings for them.  We each topped 4.  My favorite bagel out of all 8 was the cinnamon and sugar bagel and Teddy’s was the garlic bagel.  Weird too because he’s a sweets person and I’m a savory person but tonight we swaped I guess!

Overall this was a lot of fun and they all turned out GREAT! 

Bagels 007

that’s a rising lump of bagel dough under there!

Bagels 012

not looking so good at this point….but don’t you worry folks

Bagels 017

they are topped and ready for the oven

Bagels 037


By the end of the night Teddy was yelling “We’ve got 45 plains to make….lets get with it!” and “HOT BAGELS HOT BAGELS!”  The dogs and I were just staring at him laughing at how much fun he was having! 

Please send any orders via email!


4 Replies to “bagel night”

  1. I love homemade bagels. Matt and I have made them before along with homemade pita bread, tortillas, baguettes, pasta. You name it, we’ve made it. Matt has a real knack for doughs.

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