Man Tools

tree trimming 014

Well it all started when Ben proclaimed he was borrowing a new “man tool” from a friend.  His Dad was going to be in town so I knew it was going to be a great time for them to hang out and start “projecting” with so called man tool.

tree trimming 049


Then he was on the roof with it.  It was a tree trimmer.  I thought the backyard looked good but apparently it did not.  We had too much shade and not enough SUN!  I can handle that!  So he was trimming and trimming and then trimming more.  I wondered when if we were going to have any shade left at all! 

tree trimming 059

Needless to say there was plenty of sun and shade to go around and overall it’s just another improvement to our little backyard oasis that Teddy works so hard on all the time!

tree trimming 075

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