Food Network Comes to Town!


(what’s a post without at least one pic) (me and teddy at our meeting place….Cock O’ The Walk…how romantic)

So Guy Fieri, with the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives came to town over the weekend! 

Ben, works with the guy who writes the blog on www.eataroundokc.comand gave us the heads up a while back where he would be coming!   He writes the Shady Restaurant of the Month column which I love btw!  We were so thrilled that Oklahoma City would be getting this type of attention!  The restaurants he visited were:

Eischen’s, Mama E’s, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, Nic’s, The Diner, and Ingrid’s Kitchen.

I have to say I’m impressed with their selection as these are some of my favorite places to eat in the City…well technically The Diner is in Norman…but you get my drift! 

Mama E’s is SO good…and I sort of feel like one of the founding fathers of it’s discovery!  No one knew about it but me and 4 other people and then BAM…the whole world knows!  It’s this tiny little place over on Springlake Drive and Kelly…it’s in an old house and it’s SOUL FOOD like you would never believe.  Neck bones, collard greens, and get this you get all you can drink Kool Aid!  Yes please!

Who doesn’t love Cattleman’s Steakhouse?  So good and you feel like a real Oklahoman!  Remember my story about Ben’s dad theme dressing to go there!  Well I don’t blame him! 

I used to live about 4 blocks from Ingrids Kitchen so that was a staple of my diet….now I live about 12 blocks so it’s not as much but I just ate their Sunday! 

The others are great places too and if you haven’t you should for sure give them all a try!

I’m just so excited that all my favorite places got chosen to be a part of something so neat!  We all know how much I love eating….I’m not one for sweets….I love savory instead.  Good, savory, rich food and all of these places offer me that for sure!


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