New Brew

Beer 011

One of the MANY things we have done with Ben’s parents in town is complete the new batch of beer.  This batch is called Basset Brown.  We labeled the beer this weekend and got some in the fridge for our first taste and they are delish!  Again, pretty stout but delish!  This is so much fun and if you want to know more about how to get your own brew going just let me know and I can tell you how we got started!  They also have wine kits….yes please! 

I will post more pics of the crazy things we have done with Ben’s parents over the weekend!  So much fun!  Ben really loves it when he has another man around the house so I think he hoards his projects so his Dad can help him!  They are so much alike it’s scary!  Actually it’s pretty cool to see Ben so happy and giddy to have a person to talk “shop” with.  After all he didn’t become Bob Villa on his own…his Dad taught him everything he knows on fixing EVERYTHING….which I can totally appreciate!


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