oh look honey another toaster


(here i am mailing my momma a postcard from Vatican City in Italy)

I’ve never been married but  when I moved in with Ben we had two of everything.  Well that’s not entirely true…he was living like a total bachelor and was very excited when I arrived with what I thought were basic necessities.  The next wedding shower I went shopping for I was sort of bummed at the thought of not needing to register for anything like spatulas, ice cream scoops, blenders, etc.  Don’t worry Mom I’m still going to register for China, All Clad, and good knives.

Then a few days ago I received an invitation to a wedding shower for a friend of mine and she had registered at www.thehoneymoon.com.  I was intrigued!  I What oh what could this be!  I got out the old trusty Dell laptop and I was wizzing away to the website!  When I arrived I was amazed and once again felt alive about registering! 

Basically what this website offers is a way for couples who have two of everything to register for things on their honeymoon!  You put in your destination and then you put in where you are staying….THEN you register away!  It’s like having a gun in Target!  You put in a requested number of and then it says how many are fulfilled just like at Target! 

You can register for things like:

Bicycle rental for a cruise around town, evening cocktail cruise on a boat, guided tours, even horseback riding on the beach!  Or jets skis for the day, limo to and from the airport, massages, even tickets to play and tourists attractions!   

Wouldn’t it be fun to be on a cocktail cruise and cheers to your friends who bought that for you!  I think so! 

I love this idea and when Ben and I go to Italy for our honeymoon….oh wait we aren’t engaged….we will totally use this!

Do you like this idea?


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