Greater to Give But Amazing to Receive-


Since tomorrow is the first day of May I thought I would start your wheels turning for Mother’s Day.  On my trip to Charleston, SC I picked up my favorite magazine on the way to the airport.  Each month they ask a question for readers to answer and then they publish it the next month.  The question for May was “What’s the Greatest Gift Your Mother Ever Gave You?”

I was sitting on the plane reading some of the responses with tears in my eyes because I could completely understand some of the answers from readers… my Mom giving me the gift of laughter, the gift of being goofy, the gift of loving to read.  I thought of the “gifts” that my Mom had given me and made my Mom a list so that I could present it to her on Mother’s Day (May 10th).  Some of the answers were also really funny like “My Mom gave me the gift of therapy sessions!” 

So I ask you  “What Is The Greatest Gift Your Mother Ever Gave You?” 

An apology – Pretty hair color – Something on your wedding day – The ability to spot a great deal – The ability to throw a great party – How to be a lady – Your siblings – Your faith – Self Reliance – Self Confidence – Being Fearless

If you want to comment and let me know! 

For all you new Mom’s what will you try to make sure you give your new child that your Mom gave you.  Or a new thing that you want to make sure you child knows. 

And for those of you who have lost your Mom’s these are the things that mean the most to you now and always for they are all you have left.  I know my Mom misses her Mother so much everyday but especially on Mother’s Day and it makes me appreciate the gifts I have from her and the ability to hug her and thank her for them every chance I get!


3 Replies to “Greater to Give But Amazing to Receive-”

  1. The greatest gift my mom gave me was the gift of creativity. My mom is the most talented person I know and she has taught me to keep going with an idea until you are totally satisfied. I use this gift from making that perfectly designed pb and j to designing the landscape for the yard…

  2. My mom is the best…and she gave me the ability to accessorize and entertain. I love to get all dressed up with lots of bling…and so does she! We are exactly alike when it comes to that!!! She also showed me how fun entertaining can be but how much work it is…and I have become pretty anal when it comes to my parties! I would not trade what she has taught me for anything!I love her so much!
    I also get my emotional and sensitive side from her!

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