Remarkable Redo


The dog run BEFORE


The dog run AFTER the sod.  The dogs love to roll around in it….like they’ve never seen grass…oh wait they really hadn’t until we got some 🙂


The rest of the backyard BEFORE


The rest of the backyard AFTER

So with a little blood, sweats, and tears Ben did an amazing job making this backyard a better place for everyone.  He tore down the old fence and put up a new fence and he laid all the sod…I supervised and then helped plant all of the flowers and plants.  See the big shape around the tree…well that is a tulip.  I just figured that out about 2 months ago and I’ve lived here for a year.  So this is our little backyard with all of it’s glory!  We have a wonderful deck and we would love for you to come over for a cold drink this summer!  Ben thanks for doing such a great job….I love you!


3 Replies to “Remarkable Redo”

  1. You were smart to take before pictures. I only have one little dinky picture of our backyard from when we moved in and we have done tons! It looks totally different and so much better. I guess I can only compare in my head. I forget….did you and Ben lay your own sod? Matt and I did and that is the hardest work i have ever done in my life.

  2. Ben laid it all! They delivered it to our house and he got to work! It was the weekend of Kelly’s wedding so I was really busy 🙂
    I did feel badly about it but I’ve helped with some other stuff and kept the inside really clean.
    Too bad you aren’t coming over this weekend….we could play in the new backyard!

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