Clean and Green


(Reggie the most lovable basset hound around, getting his first bath ever!)

It’s in a dogs nature to make messes-but here’s something for the green-minded owners who have to clean all those messes up!

Use washable cloths instead of paper towels.

If that’s not practical for you then use recycled paper towels….because get this!

According to the National Resources Defense Council, if every household used ONE roll of 100% recycled paper towels it would save 544,000 trees!  Fabulous, right!?!?!? 

I posted this because yesterday was Earth Day and I feel like everyday should be Earth Day….I learned so much from all of the newspaper articles, tv specials, there was even a festival in Charleston that Ben and I hit up while we were there for Earth Day! 

Ben and I have made a lot of changes at our house in the last year and it has made a huge difference in our living costs….not to mention we feel a lot better about ourselves! 

I’m going to start posting more earth friendly things so that you too can learn more.


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