Charleston Final Act


We are back and so mad about it!  Not really we are glad to be home but we had the best time!  We had a wonderful time and the weather was seriously perfect!  I mean I don’t think it could have been any better.


The first day we walked around downtown, went through the market area, bought a few things, looked at the giant houses that so many of  the swankies lived in, and I took pictures of the amazing iron work that all of the houses have.  They lead you into the back yard and talk about beautiful landscaping!  I was in awe! 


The one on the left Ben and I put a down payment on!  HEHEHE!  Seriously though the first and second set of pillars in this picture is ONE house!  The porches on this thing take up more square feet then my house I live in!  So amazing.  Ben and I said if we owned one that each level of the porch would have a theme….one would be fancy, one would be for chess and other swanky games, one would be laid back and we would drink sweet tea out of mason jars on that level.  Talk about the sweet tea!  OMG!  They also have this amazing stuff there called Sweet Tea Vodka….yes please!  I’ll have some of that!  We love to drink Ice Picks (iced tea and vodka) so if it’s just a one stop shop with this stuff and much better it’s so fun and so much better.  I spoke with some people and this stuff is going worldwide soon….I asked about getting stock in it and they all just laughed…but I was serious!


This is the blushing bride the first night we were there!  We hung out at this bar downtown called The Blind Tiger (rarrrrrr).  Everything about this weekend was organized for the out of towners so nicley.  

The wedding was so gorgeous!  It was outside at an old govenors mansion and it had a giant porch of course!  Love those things!  I didn’t take my camera to the wedding because it is giant and so it wouldn’t fit in my clutch!  Plus I figured the photographer would take care of that!  Just trust me it was amazing!   

I’ll leave you with one of the best parts of the visit….the amazing sunsets! 



One Reply to “Charleston Final Act”

  1. Um…don’t mind if I do, with the Sweet Tea Vodka. True story – my best friend from college, Natascha, surprised me a few weekends ago for my little bro’s going away party. Her boyfriend was in town from South Carolina….and when she showed up at the party she had that stuff. I didn’t ever ask where she got it….but I’m guessing…..WHOA!

    Small world.

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