Charleston ACT 1

It’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful, and it doesn’t have a computer to fit my camera memory card.  I took about 100 pictures yesterday walking around and last night!  I finally was able to see the blushing bride last night and she is of course glowing and so happy to be married in 1 day, now! 

Tonight we are going to The Harbor Club (say Harbor Club without letting your teeth un-touch and that’s how Ben has been saying it the WHOLE time).   And he is finding out how to become a member tonight….well he thinks he is but I’m sure they will take one look at him in his sport coat and think he just looks like Teddy Ruxpin and not take him seriously at all.

I’ll post pics as soon as I get home and try to post again soon.  Have a great day….I know I will….cause get this…. I JUST WOKE UP and it’s 11 here!  I love it!


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