instead i just sit


Ben and I are leaving for a much needed vacation in about two days and of course I haven’t even started packing.  Instead I’ve been taking Linda Cavanaugh’s advice and taking pictures of the belongings inside my house in case it burns down.  Not a bad idea….but the sad part is that the owl, the books, and the vase cost about a total of $15.00. 


This is me sitting in the corner chair taking pics of my pretty pedicured toes and the other things that could also be paid for in case of emergency….included is the beautiful basset hound Reginald Eustice Gremillion….yes that’s a full name.


Then there is the mantle….my yellow Frankoma….my painting I bought for basically nothing at an estate sale.

Oh how I would miss my junk….

I guess later when I’m done with the whole house I will find some time to throw a few things in a bag…and if you have ever traveled with me (Daria, this is for you) I will probably end up doing just that….throwing who knows what in a bag and just living it up with what I have.  Tomorrow when I’m procrastinating I may feature the guest room or the backyard. 

So ta-ta for now!


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