So my wonderful amazing friends Adrienne and Dave are getting married in May and I couldn’t be more happy for them! 


This is them…aren’t they the cutest couple?  I think so! 

Well this last weekend was Adrienne’s bachelorette party in Tulsa and it was the greatest & funniest time I’ve had since I won tickets to Rod Stewart a few years back!  Anyway I have never laughed so much in one weekend in my LIFE!  My stomach is still hurting.  Emily and Aimee, some besties who hosted the event, were amazing at coming up with the most fun games for the official 2009 Bachelorette Olympics on Friday night.  We played limbo, flip cup, and three legged race in a giant pair of panties….size 30+ to be exact.  We even played Wii Boxing!  My team won…OF COURSE…cause we rock!   

On Saturday during the day we went to lunch at a great place in Utica Square called The Stonehorse Cafe.  YUM!  Then it was off to get pedis and manis at The Eternity Nail Bar.  So fun!  When we got home after getting all pretty and full we decided what else but then to have a bridal shoot with our bride in her new vail for the day.  


This shot took place outside of our friend Laura’s house, where we all stayed.  The greatest part is that some prospective buyers were looking at the house next door and they saw us doing this and crawling on the ground…..I think they should buy it just for the mere fact that the neighbors rock and have cool friends! 

Saturday night a limo picked us up and get this it was a HUMMER LIMO!  The funniest part about that is that we are all pretty earth friendly people and here we are in a HUMMER LIMO!  It was hysterical!  We had dinner at In The Raw (a sushi restaurant…not a strip club) and then it was out on the town time!  We gave the bride-to-be a scavenger hunt and man did she follow through!  I was so impressed! 

Of course by law I can’t share every detail of this weekend but I can promise you it was one crazy wild and fun time!  I will NEVER forget it!  I have the best Friends in the whole world and honestly can’t believe the amount of fun we have all the time….I’m so lucky!!

Congrats to Dave and Age….can’t wait for the wedding! 

P.S.  Em the title is for you!


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