Grace Today: 21 of 365 (an ode to the internet machine)


“What’s going on down there?” Reggie and Deuce Gremillion


This website has the most exciting and fun paper any girl who loves paper could ask for!  I love their designs and their ideas on what all you can do with paper products! 


Here you go to the ingredients tab put in the stuff you have in your fridge and it spits our recipes for you to make.  I’m horrible at throwing stuff out that I don’t think I can use with anything….so for those of us that are challenged domestic women this is terrific!


For those of you who are my real life friends and not my blog friends you know that I love to eat!  Some how getting older and loving food this much hasn’t been so fun….that metabolism I had in high school really did go away…just like my Mom said it would.  This site has great tips for those of us who love to eat but hate the calories that all of our favorite foods!  They have a great recipe for low fat queso that I put a little salsa in and it’s delish!  Here it is QUESO


I know this is a magazine but I love to visit this site and just roam around and find out things I never knew….for instance How to Recycle Anything is amazing!  Who knew all of that could be recycled!  Plus they always have fantastic beauty tips that make my skin feel fresh! I also took a tutorial on how to tie a bow tie one day…just cause! 


This is Ben’s Momma.   She is an artist and her work is really amazing!  Ben created and works on her website to update it and so on.  I never knew what went into a website like that.  This little blog site is about all I can do! 



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