It’s official!





My sister is a married woman!  Everything went really great!  The wedding was beautiful!  The one part of the wedding preparation that I was not in on was the flowers…and boy was I amazed.  They were gorgeous!  Huge arrangements were everywhere!  It was great!  I loved the ceremony and what the pastor said…although I did miss a couple parts because I was focusing on not swaying! 

I got my make up and hair professionally done and it turned out great!  I was a little nervous seeing as how I’ve not really ever done that…..I was hoping to look like myself and not like a drag queen.  Luckily, my new friend Jennifer, at Balliet’s knew exactly what she was doing!  My hair was a fancy version of what it normally looks like in a low bun.  I always intend to keep my hair down but it always ends up and out of my face.  So that felt comfortable.  When I get more pics of the bridal party and that sort of thing I’ll post them.

Overall it was great…everyone had a blast until the wee hours of the morning, and of course I saw my sis yesterday and she was smiling ear to ear…giddy like a school girl! 

(Just as a side note:  Since Ben got me my new fancy camera I have been having a lot of fun….I took these shots.  What do you think?  With some practice could I be the next Annie Leibovitz? haha)


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