the wedding planner needed a brown bag

Last night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Iron Starr Urban BBQ.  It was a hoot.  No one was really listening…all the girls were gabbing about dresses and the boys were gabbing about basketball….so I just hope we all get it right on Saturday! 

I’m pretty sure my nephew “the ring bearer” is going to either not walk down the isle or run down the isle….


I know he looks sweet and he is…but you should have seen him with that ring pillow….really hilarious!  He was using it as a punching bag.  



The dinner was just great.  Everyone that loves Kelly and Brad were in one room and it was awesome.  I said a speech and that was nerve racking but not nearly as nerve racking as listening to my Pa give one which was just a hoot.  He was hysterical!  We all told funny stories of Kelly and Brad…no one was that “guy” who tells the wrong kind…it was all very fun and went really smooth.  So today is the bridesmaids luncheon and tomorrow is the wedding!


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