Grace Today: 17 of 365


1. Babies that you can sit indian style with and have long deep conversations about carrots and Baby Einstein.

2.  Dogs that wink at me.

3.  Books that trap me.

4.  Before & After

5.  Besties who actually think I am funny.  After all sometimes they are the hardest to make laugh….they hear me all the time…they just think I’m weird most of the time but I love it when they laugh!


4 Replies to “Grace Today: 17 of 365”

  1. You all are too sweet! The best besties in the world.
    Although if neither of you think I’m weird you are both saints and should get a treat!

    That baby is my good friend Brooke’s baby. You can click on that link and see all of his cute pics…he is so fun to hang with. Doesn’t it look like we are having a really deep conversation about Obabma, the economy, and wind power?

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