a grown up collage….

Remember when you were young and making a collage for a boyfriend was so rad and so sweet!  You would pick out words in your YM magazine like -love-kissing-boyfriend-hunk-hot body and cut them out with such precision.  You would then take those words, maybe a few pics of the young hunk and put them all on a piece of construction paper.  I know when I was finished I would wish so badly I had a laminating machine at home….now if you are Daria this does not apply because next to the water fountain in her house sits a laminating machine which sits next to a Pilate’s machine next to a laughing Jesus.  It’s all very nostalgic at the Daria residence. 

Moving on….

I just love collages.  A lot of us, including my bestie Brooke, have had some problems with others (such as boyfriends) loving collages as much as we do at our age.  At my house I am creating what I like to call the grown up collage.  I have been putting mine together for sometime now and would like to share it with you.  I know wall collages have been really “in” for a while but I never did put the two things together.  The young collage for a loved one…and a wall collage that can be a place to remember things, places, and people in a grown up way.  It’s like having a big piece of construction paper, giant scissors, a giant glue stick, and endless possibilities.


Each thing has a meaning to Ben and I.  We love to add one thing…wait a week…see if we like it and then keep it or remove it! 

Here is Daria’s collage…much better than mine but I try


And here are a couple others I have found online that I really like.




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