the next level…bach party style….


This weekend we celebrated Kelly’s last days of being single!  I told Kelly at the beginning of the weekend “Kelly this is the next level of fun…bach style…so buck up and get ready!”  And boy was I right!  All the girls went to Dallas and stayed at the Magnolia Hotel which was great!  They had the nicest staff….we especially liked one guy Vince.  He knew it was a fun weekend for us and he really helped us out!  We went to dinner at Cuba Libre which is an upscale Mexican restaurant….and it was amazing.  The food was so good and it was a really fun atmosphere for what we were there for!  We went from dinner to a club in Lower Greenville called “Spankies”…it was interesting but a ton of fun!  Lots of dancing and lots of attention from the staff as well.  We had out own waitress and our own security guard, Wayne.  What a nice guy he was.  I’m pretty sure all of my sisters friends think I’m nuts for becoming friends with all of these people like Wayne and Vince…but they were so nice!  Oh and don’t get me going about the cab driver…his name was Gustavo, and he had Boys 2 Men on repeat…14 girls in one van cab singing “I’ll Make Love To You” while Gustavo has the most terrified look on his face was one of the priceless moments of the night!  Overall we had the best time and I know Kelly had a ton of fun! 

So cheers to Kelly and cheers to us for having a lot of fun!


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