fun. family.


This weekend Ben’s parents visited and we all had a great time!  Friday night we went to dinner with my parents at Cattlemen’s in the Stock Yards and Ben’s dad themed dressed.  He wore a bolo tie that Ben’s mom made him!  It was so great and of course the food was very good! 

Saturday Ben and his dad got under the house to check out the shifting of our foundation (we live in a really old historic home) and that was fun for them!  I think we are sinking but it was fun fo them!  Ben’s mom and I went around town to a few places.  One was to the Blue Sage Studios  where they blow glass and do glass fusion.  They also have a art gallery up front featuring new artists every month.  While we were there I found this bowl and right when I saw it I thought about how much Ben would love it also.  So I bought it for him and of course had to give it to him now and couldn’t wait for a special occasion.  He loved it!  Luckily he doesn’t only love gifts of tools and beer making kits.  Now sitting on our dining room table and it looks fabulous!  All of the different colors look so awesome coming through our big windows in the dining room.  The great part about this place is that you can get a great piece of art and it’s very affordable….the other thing I love about it is that the owners and the people who work there are so great…if they have their doors open they want you to come in and see what project they are working on…they want you to walk around and explore and see all the art all around.  It’s really really fun!  You must go and try it out! 

Today we went to church and then to lunch.  I really enjoyed them being here and I always love to see Ben interact with his parents and laugh and cut up with his dad.  They are so funny together.  Overall it was really great….although we wanted to get so much in and take them to all our favorite eateries and fun places that I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 10 pounds and I’m exhausted!  The dogs are very sad too…they love their Grandma and Grandpa so much….so much so we saw Deuce jump on the couch for the very first time to be close to his Granpa!  It was a riot!


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