Grace Today: Part 14 of 365


Only if life was as easy and fun as a Scrabble game on a Friday afternoon while having beer out of champagne flutes with your besties in the world….I would be the richest workaholic in the world!  Oh and wearing sunglasses inside always helps too!   You never know when those UV rays will get your eyes and turn them into the color of peanut butter…or at least that is what Daria says. 

Today I find myself wishing more than ever I could some how manage to stay at home all day, pay for my friends to quit their jobs so they could stay home with me all day, and just play and eat snack food and have a beer here and there.  This week I have found myself remembering what my life was like when I didn’t have such big grown up things to do and care and worry about…..too bad I was too young and stupid to appreciate it at that moment….because I darn sure do now!! 

My grace today is this (and it covers 5 because it’s big)

1-5.  Days where you get to act like you’re young and carefree again….Beer drinking, Scrabble playing, Friend chatting, and lauging all day kind of days.  Those are the absolute best!


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