List of Loves




1.  My new favorite color right now is purple-ish gray….the exact Crayola name for this color is Wisteria.  I especially love gray furniture with light purple walls.  I have seen so much lately all over the place and really think it’s a nice new trend and a step away from the standard black and brown furniture.

2.  I am SO ready for green grass and other plants to start popping up everywhere!  We are going to plant some new sod at our house this year so hopefully in several months we can all walk around without shoes on and feel the blades of grass through our toes! 

3.  I’m really in love with fun chunky jewelry like this cool necklace from JCrew.  It’s so fun yet very simple and can be worn with so many different things. 

4.  Is this fridge not so fun!?!  I do agree that it would obviously have to go in the right sort of house and kitchen….but what a fun idea.  I wonder if they make mini ones and I’m getting one for our sun porch or wouldn’t a mini one be cute in a kids play room full of juice boxes and carrot sticks! 

5.  I don’t know what my problem is lately but I have been really taken by silhouettes. You can send This company  a picture of you or anyone (or your dogs) and they make a cool customized frame-able piece of art.  I think it’s beautiful but also sort of funky and artsy.


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