wish list? full body scanning machine!


This is all too great.  Sweats, wine, robe! Couldn’t get much better!  This week has already been rough.  Work is a doozy this week and I don’t see it improving anytime soon.  While Ben was out with Erick today he picked up a Wii Fit…yes he just picked one up!  So I will give you full report as soon as we get going on that…..I hear it can be a bit of a Jillian Michaels when you first get on….it basically calls you fat and yells at you that you are obese.  So we’ll see how that goes….I’m sure my therapist and I will have a conversation about the Wii Fit while I’m sobbing into a Klennex proclaiming that I finally understand what it means to be a fat person in America.  I also am convinced I have a tumor growing in my jaw area and have asked Ben to look into a full body scanning machine so that he can purchase one and scan me anytime I think I might have a tumor.  We’ll see how that goes.  Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m wishing and praying that someone just someone will make a Valentine’s Box that I can put my Fraggle Rock Valentine in. 

I’ll be updating you soon about that full body scanning machine.

Grace Today

1.  Cuss Nights

2. Queso

3. Modge Podge

4. Nyquil

5. Freshly washed sheets


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