Get over to the Footwear Department at Mahar Drygoods for a great sale on the cutest booties you have ever seen in your life.  New babies won’t be able to wear them (unless you have a baby with big feet and long legs) but as soon as they start growing these booties are adorable on babies!  I have purchased them a few times and they come packaged so cute and are SO soft….a real hit for babies in my life…not to mention they can say they got their first pair of shoes from New York before they were 1!!!!  They are switching to a different yarn in 2009 so the ones with the old yarn are on sale.  What were normally $40.00 are now $30.00 and what were $30.00 are now $24.00.  There is a limited stock…so go now!  Look at their other stuff too because it’s really great also!


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