Twenty 09






My dogs were born…the 27th to be exact


I celebrated Valentines Day for the first time with the love of my life.


I told my parents at my Mom’s birthday bash I was moving in with Ben.  That was interesting. 


I moved in with Ben….cut 9 inches off my hair….got 2 basset hounds….then a therapist…went to south by southwest in austin, tx…


Finally found renters for my house….80’s party….Cheetos dance on the front porch


I was officially closer to 30 – Visited Ben’s hometown and got to see him hanging out with his best buddies…it was so much fun! 


Our country tis of thee…I can’t remember for the life of me what I did for July 4th….my besties were all out of town.  I was probably at home asleep at like 8:30 PM.


Went to visit Ben’s parents…bath houses, mountains, a book I couldn’t put down, and lots of sleeping.  Good vacation.


Got a promotion….Beatles Party…I was “Here Comes The Sun” Ben was “The White Album”…Em got married.


Trick or treaters came by…I asked to hold one and Ben got mad.  We laughed later.  Our neighbors were jumping out of their tree and scaring the kids. I was scared too.


Thankful for so much.


Had an MTV party…celebrated my besties bdays….Santa came big time….A drunk Jesus came to our house with about 20 santa’s.

My Resolution

Stop procrastinating….but we’ll get to that later.


3 Replies to “Twenty 09”

  1. I do happen to remember what you did 4th of July. NO sleep at 8:30. There were a few Club Speciasl poolside though…great recap, what a fun year!

  2. Well, asshat, I’ll tell you where you were! With me! At Cock! I have pictures of us doing Lady Liberty….recall??

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