Oh the places I would be…..


The 18th of December was Ben’s birthday.  We celebrated by going out to a nice dinner at Cheevers, having some wine, chatting about everything and nothing, going home hanging out with our dogs, and crashing early.  I think it was the perfect night and I know Ben would completely agree.  We love to be home and hang out with our dogs and one another.  

There are a ton of stories that make Ben the most loveable person alive…..but I knew I had found my match one specific night.  It was any normal night.  We went to bed.  About 3:30AM I woke up (I don’t always sleep great) and when I woke all the way up I realized Ben was holding my hand.  In his sleep he was holding my hand.  I’m not sure how long it had been like that because I normally fall asleep first but the point is that he never let go.  I know that no matter what he will always be right there to grab my hand and keep me safe and sound.  Motivate me.  Comfort me.  Be my friend.  My soul mate. 

Happy Birthday Bear.  I hope we have a lot more celebrations to come.  I love you.

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