Happy Birthday B!


Last night we celebrated my dear friend B’s birthday!  Her wonderful boyfriend planned a night for her and boy was it a blast!  We went to the BLUE SAGE STUIDOS, located near 10th and Western.  We got to watch a glass blower make a bowl for B that she can keep forever and ever and remeber what a fun time she had on her big birthday!!  She picked out the colors, the shape, etc. and he just created a wonderful masterpiece right before our very eyes!  It was great! 

I’ve seen this process done before but never ever in real life and it really makes you appreciate this type of art even more when you see how much goes into making these wonderful keepsakes.  And it’s a wonderful studio they have there….the front is an art gallery where the artist change from time to time…you can view the art and purchase if you fall in love…..then the middle area is a place for the owners of the building to do their glass fusion art and other amazing things with glass….the very back is the glass blowing studio!  It’s just something everyone has to see in real life at least once!  We bought a few ornaments to give as Christmas presents and the other pieces in the studio are very affordable and made by Oklahomans…which you have to appreciate giving back to them in times like this.  If you have a chance visit their website and make some time to stop in.  It’s fantastic! 

Oh and I would have to say this is the quietest I have EVER heard this group….we were all just mezmorized!  Thanks B and thanks D for a great time and Thanks Blue Sage!


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