i’m a bruncher..she’s a bruncher…everyone’s a bruncher

I have a friend who will wake up and just eat what sounds good for breakfast.  The first meal of the day.  It’s normally never waffles, pancakes, or cereal.  More like tacos, chicken fried steak, etc.  Although it seems weird to me I guess it’s no more weird then me having breakfast for dinner or attending one of my very favorite meals….brunch!  There is something I love about the word brunch…maybe it’s becasue its one of those combination words…like liger (lion/tiger) or rawesome (rad/awesome).  There is something about waking up late on a Saturday and going to your favorite restaurant, ordering a mimosa, chatting, and eating slow that I just enjoy. I know I’m not alone….brunch is something that has really caught on in the last several years.  So much so that one person from Oklahoma opened up his own breakfast/lunch place in Seoul called Butterfinger Pancakes.  It’s western style food in Korea.    Now that is someone who loves a good pancake!  Don’t worry I’m not going to open up any new restaurant in some far away country to prove my love for brunch!

Three favorite places to enjoy Saturday or Sunday brunch with friends in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

The coffee is AMAZING and the Spanish crepe is one of my favorite things I have ever put in my mouth.  The service is amazing and to top it all off….when you get there they bring you mini muffins while you wait for your food!  It’s like chips and salsa at the Mexican restaurant….I almost get so full on mini muffins I can’t even image making room for more delciousness.  Oh and before I forget you can also order small or large mimosas.  The large one is the way I normally go seeing as how I know I will have more than one small one but if you are just in the mood for a little and not a lot then you have your options! 

Flips Wine Bar and Tratorria

This quaint little Italian eatery is great.  I’ve been to Italy and if you don’t look outside at Western Ave. you feel like you are sitting in a little restaurant down the road from the vatican.  The menu here at brunch is the same menu you will find when you go for dinner however they do include a specials insert for brunch.  The mimosa’s here are 99 cents!  Not all day but for sure when you go for brunch!  YUM!

VZD’s Restaurant & Club

This place is an old drug store and the atmosphere is very fun.  The food is great and the service is terrific as well.  It’s very laid back, fun, and of course since it’s a bar you can get your brunch and mimosa all in a matter of minutes!  It is closed on Sunday’s so you’ll have to do Saturday brunch here but I know you will have a great time! 

So basically what this list is telling me is that if your establishment does not serve mimosas I’m not coming and maybe I need to stop eating so much brunch and start working out on Saturday mornings….but that is not likely to happen! Who are you kidding?


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